Make your meetings count

meetingnotes pro is the missing tool to make your meetings worthwhile again.

Talk to an expert

You already know the difficulties of your meetings:

Too many bystanders

Lost track of tasks

Undefined responsibles

Missing meeting minutes

No agendas

Unclear topics

Too less time for important topics

Hard to make live notes


Not yet another calendar!

meetingnotes pro is not yet another calendar you have to maintain!

Instead it connects to your Office 365 calendar or your Google Calendar!

prepare your meetings

Define the agenda and determine who is responsible for what. Also reserve time slots for the individual topics.

meetingnotes pro provides a simple but yet powerful agenda editor where you can visually plan your meeting.

All information is stored in the appointment itself, so that team members who do not work with meetingnotes pro also have access to it.

Deposit ressources

Store the files you will need to run your meeting together.

This even helps to run remote meetings: Only one person can share his screen when he already has access to all presentation files. Don’t waste any more time switching presenter screens.

Record meeting notes

Record your notes right during the meeting.

Our powerful note editor is designed to take notes really fast, whether you want to work with a mouse and keyboard or use your tablet computer’s pencil.

You don’t have to share your personal notes with your teammates if you think they’re too rudimentary to share. Only the summaries that are highlighted are visible to each other.

Assign action items

Highlight portions of your meeting notes to create tasks, highlight information or decisions, and create follow-ups on specific topics.

meetingnotes pro is not another task scheduling tool where a bunch of your tasks are never seen by your colleagues. Instead of this, you can connect to your favourite task management tool you already use!

Share your meeting minutes

The jointly created meeting minutes are then visible to all participants and can even be exported as a PDF file to share with other managers.