pinnery boosts your productivity before, during and after Meeting!

Brilliant projects start with a Great Meeting 

Do you need to make a quick note of something in a meeting? Using time efficiently with the agenda in view? Do you want to directly record remarks, reminders and responsibilities on a specific topic?

Record notes quickly and easily in real time!

  • Productive meetings through a common agenda 
  • Write down like on a pad
  • Working on notes together with colleagues
  • Keeping track of previous notes
  • Meeting notes to the team without further ado 
  • Quickly integrate documents, images and make your own drawings to go with them 
  • MindMap for complex thoughts, ideas or associations

When good meetings becomeTO DOS

Record tasks directly from meeting notes and define responsibilities? Manage, assign and keep track of tasks in a team?

More than a TO-DO list!
  • All tasks in one place
  • Prioritise tasks - don't forget a deadline
  • "PIN" - Create tasks and affiliations directly from notes 
  • Always up to date on the project

After The Meeting stayMotivated

Start the day motivated? Leave chaotic patterns behind? Recognise progress and celebrate successes together?

Break "bad" habits and have fun on the ball!

  • Motivate yourself and your team with set goals
  • Plan your next day
  • Have fun doing tasks 
  • Receive recognition for work done
  • Improve your teamwork

Where pinnery shouldn`t be missing?

In the STUDy

Transcripts, notes and drawings on your digital college notebook!
Quickly integrate photos from slides or quickly find something using keywords.

No matter whether you have just started your studies or are already brainstorming for your master's thesis!


At work

In a meeting, during a project or in everyday office life - everything perfectly organised and necessary information immediately available at the right time, in any place.

Bring ingenious ideas to life with a mind map - in a team or independently.
To-dos quickly organised and prioritised!


In private

Minutes of meetings in the association, event planning or notes in tenants' meetings - document properly and conscientiously what has been decided.

Organise your private life cleverly - concentrate on the essentials here too and keep an overview!


AND What does it cost?

Free of charge

For you and your team
Private, at university or professionally


For companies
Cross-team, secure collaboration